In addition to homeless street outreach ministry, we have been led to help local families in need with furniture, food, clothing, children and baby supplies, transportation, mentoring, and more. Typically Thursday's and Friday's are spent focusing on our families.

We began this when a friend from a campsite was given housing but had nothing to go into his new home. We have seen a gap in this process and desire to help fill it in whatever small way we can. And we have been able to assist so many families over the past few years. Praise Jesus!


We thrive with volunteer help and donations. If you would like to get involved to restore hope to God's hurting children who struggle with feeling forgotten, invisible, and/or unforgivable, join us in Kingdom work for Christ!

If you are interested in donating household items, bedding and/or furniture, or helping us deliver to newly housed friends in need or  poverty  stricken friends, please contact Heather Dixon at Heather@loveandlightministries.org.