What We Do


Homeless Outreach

Every Tuesday night near downtown Fort Worth we serve our homeless friends from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM at four different stops. We serve at parks, bus stops, in alleyways, under bridges, and near local shelters. We go where there is a need - meet people where they are - to nourish them spiritually and physically. 

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H2H Ministry - "Heart to Heart"

In addition to homeless outreach ministry, we have been led to help local families in need with furniture, food, clothing, children and baby supplies, transportation, mentoring, and more. Typically Thursday's and Friday's are spent focusing on our families.

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Become a Volunteer

We thrive with volunteers and donations. If you would like to get involved to restore hope to God's children who struggle with feeling forgotten, invisible, and/or unforgivable, join us in this Kingdom Work for Christ!  (Pic: See how much fun you're missing out on?)

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